Import aliases(imports are confusing things about some libraries)

If I understand correctly, there is no planning to improve such situation. There will be no receiver functions or scope injection. May be, it is possible to do «Import aliases»

trait SomeTrait{
imports html = {
    import _root_.part1.part2.html._
    import  _root_.part1.template._
def html(given Html=>):Html = ???
object Main extends SomeTrait{
def main()=Unit 

Unfortunately, now, the Scala imports is occasionally a headache.

see also:

Looks like yet one reincarnation of ‘@exported imports’.
(proposal with implementation:
Last discussion here: Pre-SIP: export, dual* of import
// about further progress/development, I think it is possible to revive this proposal (i.e. submit this PRE-SIP) if we will know, that exists enough interest for such feature within community and compiler maintainers.