Getting ready for 2.12.5

Hi All

2.12.5 is scheduled for the beginning of March. We’re starting the work to get the pull request queue down by reviewing, merging, but certainly also re-assigning to 2.12.6.

If there are changes that you’d still like to see in 2.12.5, take some action now: ensure that your PRs are ready, review PRs, remind us of issues that got forgotten, etc.



With 24 PRs merged in the last two days and 10 postponed to 2.12.6, the queue is down to 18 now.


Does it include the fix for the dreaded no position error?

yes was believed fixed by

but if this has affected your code and you really care whether it’s fixed, it would be a good idea to try a 2.12 nightly build and see whether it’s fixed for you

A heads-up: PRs for 2.12.5 need to be merged by the end of next week (March 9). Unmerged PRs that are not marked blocker will be re-scheduled for 2.12.6. is the last PR to merge for 2.12.5, the merge commit on that will be our release candidate. but we’ll have to see what the community build thinks of it before releasing.

with luck, we could build 2.12.5 tomorrow. oops, jinxed it

6177 merged, release candidate is 2.12.5-bin-64208ae

community build is green except for

singleton-ops thing resolved (on their end, not Scala’s)

we are turning release dials and pulling release levers. no code changes since 2.12.5-bin-64208ae

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draft release notes for 2.12.5:

The 2.12.5 release is now staged. You can try it out by adding the resolver.

The distribution archives are also available:

Feedback (works / doesn’t work for me) for the archives and Linux / Windows packages is especailly welcome, as we built them on Travis for the first time. (This also explains why building the release took a little bit longer.)

Scala.js 0.6.22 and 1.0.0-M3 work with the staged 2.12.5.

I have also staged our compiler plugins for those two versions, so using the same staging repo you’ll be able to try out Scala.js artifacts with 2.12.5 as well.

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Just released macro paradise for Scala 2.12.5:

Scala 2.12.5 is now available!

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there is a regression involving compiling on Java 9 when using macros:

running on Java 9 isn’t affected, only compiling.

For Scala.js users, you will need Scala.js 0.6.22+ or 1.0.0-M3+ to use with Scala 2.12.5.

Scala 2.12.6 coming soon has info on 2.12.6 plans.