Finding way to engage with more FLOSS Scala maintainers


I really wish there was a good way to systematically request feedback from the FLOSS maintainer base without incurring the bias of who uses discourse, and the relevant people on twitter, and excluding the noise from people who are not maintainers. I’d be willing to answer a few questions every few months, can’t speak for others, but I wonder if that would be something the Scala Center could take on? (i.e. random polls on twitter or here do not count)

Alternative scalajs/scala-native distribution mechanisms

Hey Sam,

I think this is an important thing, so I’ve created an independent thread out of it.

I don’t have any ideas on how to get more outreach and get more FLOSS maintainers engaged, especifically to assess the state of the tools / community. But I’m open to ideas, so please let me know if you find a good way.


I guess get the github usernames from the github contributor graphs and … create a mailing list :man_shrugging:

would need an opt-out and then the amount of questions would need to be minimised so to avoid being annoying.


Yes, I too felt this site may be biased due to lack of Spark developers.


The wall between Spark and anything else in Scala is still quite amazing to me.

Also, the way this forum always tricks me into responding to threads that have been stale for months, stumbling in after all the guests have left.