Feature Proposal - Automatic Delegation


Interesting. I’m not sure how to go about this. It seems as if the aforementioned proposal is a bit broader, isn’t it? Besides, I dislike the notion of an “inverted import”, which isn’t exactly the case here. The two capabilities serve completely different use-cases, and binding them to the same terminology is a wrong idea IMHO.

Sure, it would be useful to allow delegation to fields as well. @jeremyrsmith had mentioned this while addressing the potential ambiguity between terms and types.


It is very interesting question. There is another one:

So, It seems more clear to use inheritance closure.

I think " export, dual* of import" is very error prone method for dsl.
I would be happy if there is a way to escape any export\import keyword.

class SomeComponent extends DSL{
    //Any exports\imports must be implicit
   //It's possible by writing type aliases, 
  //but any new type we must add to "Dsl class" manualy


    //Any exports\imports must be implicit
   //now it is imposible ((

See: Implicit Function Types