Dotty artefacts naming change

As part of the efforts to release Scala 3, we are about to change the naming schema of the Dotty artefacts. The artefacts will feature “scala3” instead of “dotty” thus moving us a step closer to the release of Scala 3.

The change will impact existing tooling that depends on the artefact names. Hence, once the change is done, the tool maintainers should adjust the tools accordingly. You can read more about the change in the blog article:


wait why scala3 and not just scala?


Two reasons:

  • We depend on the Scala 2 standard library for binary compatibility, but we also have our own addition the standard library currently named dotty-library, we can’t rename it to scala-library and still depend on the Scala 2 scala-library.
  • This makes it possible to depend on both the Scala 2 and Scala 3 compiler in the same project, this could be useful for tooling (e.g., The Scala 2 to Scala 3 typer and implicit resolver)

And why not rename the scala 2 artifacts? E.g. the group identifier, change to org.scala-lang.scala2 and keep the same artifactIds

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Because that would break every tool for no great benefits.


Of course, you would need to do it with a next 2.x release. I don’t know if it is really an issue to update not only the version but also the group identifier. If it is an issue, then you most likely break all tools once you switch the artifact from scala3 to scala4, from 4 to 5 etc. and I don’t see why we should break things for every major release.

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Notifying bazel and gradle maintainers: