Configurable warnings, warning suppression

We’re hoping to land the following PR in time for 2.13.2:

The starting point was @ghik’s immensely useful “silencer” plugin. We’re very grateful to Roman for pioneering this.

Feedback welcome.


Note that if you want to actually try it out, you can:

resolvers += "pr" at
scalaVersion := "2.13.2-bin-59cf05f-SNAPSHOT"

At least, that’s the SHA of the PR’s HEAD at the moment. (There might be newer commits by the time you read this.)


Seems to work on my machine, where

scala --scala-version 2.13.2-bin-59cf05f-SNAPSHOT -e "def t = { 0; 1 }"
warning: a pure expression does nothing in statement position; multiline expressions might require enclosing parentheses
def t = { 0; 1 }


scala --scala-version 2.13.2-bin-59cf05f-SNAPSHOT -e "def t = { 0: @scala.annotation.silent; 1 }"

raises no warning. I updated SO Is there an equivalent to SuppressWarnings in Scala?


(Note that Mario is using ; that’s what makes scala --scala-version work.)


The PR is now merged, but there is still time for further testing and feedback before the 2.13.2 release.


Just a quick correction of my post as silent was renamed to nowarn in the merged PR.

Lukas has added @nowarn to scala-collection-compat ( so that people who cross-compile will still be able to use the annotation. (It just won’t actually do anything on 2.11 or 2.12.)


Is it too late for @unwarn and -Xdewarnify?

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I’m not sure if it’s ever late enough for that.

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For cross-building,

(As an aside, we’re in the process of renaming scala-collection-compat to scala-library-compat for its next release, since we’ve broadened the project’s scope to include other things besides just collections.)



This is a re-post of a questions I asked on scala users.

I’m using the presentation compiler for a hobby project. Up until 2.13.1 I could collect compiler errors and warnings by passing a StoreReporter to the nsc.interactive.Global constructor. This stopped working for warnings with 2.13.2. I suspect this is due to the change introduced by the PR discussed in this thread.

Do you have any advice on how to extract warnings from the presentation compiler after 2.13.2?

Apologies if I’m missing something obvious.

Many thanks,

Incidentally what was the reason for not using @SuppressWarning – isn’t that built into Java?

see (and, Roman concurred at

Warnings are buffered because you might want to “suppress” them instead of passing them on to the reporter.

The API is global.runReporting.summarizeErrors [sic] where runReporting is currentRun.reporting.

Here is an invocation added to REPL for this purpose.

Perhaps you can use reportSuspendedMessages to end buffering for the run, so that warnings are passed directly to your reporter.


reportSuspendedMessages did the trick - thanks so much!