Coming soon: Scala 2.12.12

This is a thread to discuss plans and share progress on Scala 2.12.12 .

I’ve set the rough target date on the 2.12.12 milestone to July 03 . I also created a 2.12.13 milestone , with a rough date in August.

Links helpful for seeing how 2.12.12 is shaping up:


Release checklist:

The candidate build is 2.12.12-bin-cbe6ade which is available in the repository.

As part of our release process we will automatically run tests for projects included in the Scala 2.12.x community build.

To help our testing process, please try this release candidate with your code base.

For instance, with SBT:

$ sbt 'set resolvers += "scala integration" at ""' 'set scalaVersion := "2.12.12-bin-cbe6ade"' test

Assuming testing is successful, this version will be tagged and release as 2.12.12 by Wednesday 8 July.

Here are the draft release notes:

Please let me know if I’ve missed any highlights of anything needs clarification!

2.12.12-bin-cbe6ade remains the candidate build for release. Until we tag 2.12.12, no pull requests will be merged to 2.12.x other than to fixes to any release blockers we identify.

2.12.12 is now available on Maven Central. Announcement coming soon to


The compiler plugins of Scala.js 0.6.33 and all 1.x versions are already available on Maven Central for Scala 2.12.12.


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