Case Class toString new behavior proposal (with implementation)


You can get pretty close to case classes a la carte in current Scala: see my Scala eXchange talk from 2014 and an example in the shapeless tree. It would probably make sense to think about this as a target for generic programming in Scala 3.


The PR has been merged adding the method productElementName to case classes. This means that it’s possible to implement the functionality propsed here without macros or runtime reflection

  def pretty(p: Product): String =
     .map { case (name, value) => s"$name=$value" }
     .mkString(p.productPrefix + "(", ", ", ")")

pretty(User("Susan", 42))
// User(name=Susan, age=42)

I started a discussion on adding such a pretty-printing function to the standard library


and they lived happily ever after

:slight_smile: The end :slight_smile: