Bye bye JIRA — Scala issues migrated to GitHub scala/bug

All old JIRA issues were imported into the new repo at:

Most metadata was imported, with some exceptions, e.g. author information was preserved only as comments and votes did not transfer. will remain online as an archive.

We wanted to preserve both existing issue numbers and existing PR numbers, and this was impossible in a single repo since the numbers overlap, hence the separate repo. GitHub will crosslink properly if you write e.g. scala/bug#999

The repo name was chosen to emphasize that we are using issues to track problems, not feature requests. Please use Discourse and the SIP and SPP processes for those.

Thank you, Adriaan Moors, for tackling this! (How’d he do it? see

Community help is needed:

  • updating links and documentation ecosystem-wide
  • triaging and labeling tickets, closing duplicates, closing already-fixed tickets, etc
  • fixing all of the bugs; good starter tickets are labeled “quickfix”

Hey @SethTisue & @adriaanm et al,

Thank you for making this happen. I think it’s fantastic that issues can now be reported in GitHub.

For me, this translates to:

  1. Easier bug reporting; and
  2. Nicer medium to discuss and get involved into issues.

I am sure I’ll browse through the issues more often, so I hope you’re willing to cope with my increasing presence in the future!

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