Announcing Dotty 0.17.0-RC1

Hello! Dotty 0.17.0-RC1 is here! In this release, implicit scoping rules received some rework. Also, we are making steady progress with the metaprogramming capabilities of the language. You can read more about these and other changes in the blog post:

Notable Changes


  • Remove support for symbol literal singleton types #6764
  • Fix implicit scope implementation #6832


  • Move reflection inside QuoteContext #6723
  • Remove pickled type splice type tags when unpicking #6784
  • Add quoted pattern type splices #6504
  • Type the quoted patterns as precisely as possible #6742
  • Fix #6622: Add code interpolation #6661


  • Remove 2.12 CI build #6701
  • Added shapeless 3 to community build #6645
  • Add issue template #6604


  • String f interpolator macro #6540


Thank you to all the contributors who made this release possible :tada:

According to git shortlog -sn --no-merges 0.16.0-RC3..0.17.0-RC1 these are:

   119  Martin Odersky
   103  Nicolas Stucki
    38  Liu Fengyun
    33  Guillaume Martres
    33  Sara Alemanno
    17  Anatolii
    10  Aggelos Biboudis
     6  Miles Sabin
     5  Anatolii Kmetiuk
     4  Olivier Blanvillain
     4  Robert Stoll
     3  odersky
     2  Dale Wijnand
     2  Timothée Floure
     2  Rodrigo Fernandes
     2  James Thompson
     2  Steven Heidel
     1  Stéphane MICHELOUD
     1  bishabosha
     1  noti0na1
     1  Daniel Reigada
     1  Haemin Yoo
     1  Bunyod
     1  Deon Taljaard
     1  Ondra Pelech
     1  Jon Pretty

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug, please open an issue! :pray:


Is the delegate->given change not part of this release?

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It is.

It seems strange it is not mentioned in the blog post.

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So far both delegate for and given as are available. We are experimenting with what works best. That’s not a breaking or conceptually new change, hence we did not include it in the article.

Not publishing there is something to experiment with seems to defeat the purpose of said experimentation.

did we change delegate to given? :expressionless:

Yes. Still no final verdict on the matter. See