Adding better-files to the Scala Platform

That could be its name though: “scala-nio”, plain and simple.


I am fine with scala-nio. Some questions:

  1. Do I rename just the git repo or the package too?
  2. What would be the new package and group-id be? scala.nio.File? I imagine that is an acceptable inconvenience for users?
  3. Since we would publish under new group-id after renaming, do I restart semvar (i.e. start from v1.0.0) - currently better-files is at 2.17.x?
  4. What are the next steps?

A package id of scala.nio will get us back to the problem of using a scala core namespace.

Is is mandatory that the group-id for platform libs should be changed?

Ideas that won’t have scala in the name:

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alasca.files :wink:

Is there any update to the progress of this? Is better-files (renamed somehow) going to be the default file IO library in Scala, or are there different plans? I can’t see anything post Feb 2017.

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@kunalkapoor from what I can tell, the Scala Platform has been cancelled (see this 7 month old thread where I asked for an update and still have received no answer).